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Camping Plans

Troop 96 2017-2018 Camping Plan

We have an exciting year ahead, so mark your calendar and get ready for the adventure.

August Anything that Float Campout at Rock Cut State Park

September Rock Climbing Campout at Devils Lake State Park

October Zip Line Fall Colors Campout – 10/20-10/22

Get ready for an amazing weekend experiencing fall colors from a completely new angle. Experience our most thrilling Eco Adventure with the 2 to 2 1/2-hour guided Canopy Tour. Soar through the fall colors on 8 different zip lines, 5 sky bridges, 3 spiral stairways and a one-of-a-kind “floating” double helix stairway which wraps around a breathtaking ash tree. The 1,200-foot Racing Zip Line is the grand finale!

November WEBELOS Invitational Iron Chef Campout – 11/10-11/12

Troop 96 loves to cook.  In fact, we wrote the book on it.  In November, we are heading up to Camp OhDaKoTa for this annual favorite.  We are inviting Webelos and friends interested in scouts to join us on Saturday to learn more about the Troop.  We also would love for families to join us Saturday night for the great Thanksgiving Feast and the grand Dutch Oven dessert buffet.

January The MaKaJaWan Snowmageddon Campout – 1/13-1/15 (Saturday to Monday)

MaKaJaWan is an awesome place in summer, but it’s also a winter wonderland in January.  We head up Saturday on Martin Luther King weekend and return on Monday.  Will be cabin camping with a great mix of outdoor and indoor activities.  Don’t forget to pack cocoa.

February Troop 96 Winter Olympics Snow Sports campout – 2/16-2/18

The winter Olympics returns in 2018 and so does the Snow Sports campout.  We will be cabin camping this weekend and plan to spend the day skiing and tubing.

March Roller Rink Lock-in and Camping 101 Campout – 3/16-3/18

What a way to welcome crossing over Webelos into the Troop.  Friday night we will be spending the night in a roller rink and then camp out on the rink floor.  The lights and roof will be a blessing as the new member set-up a Troop tent for the first time while older scouts can take advantage of spending the night in a roller rink. Saturday, we break camp and then test those new skills setting up outside at a nearby campsite.

April THE Games Challenge Mystery Campout – 4/20-4/22

This campout is a mystery that needs to be solved.  Are you up for the challenge?

May Biking Campout – 5/18-5/20

We will be heading to the Lake Le-Aqua-Na and be spending the day biking the Jane Adams trail.

June Roller Luge Campout – 6/15-6/17

We will be heading to the Mississippi Palisades State Park and spend the Roller Luging Roller at Chestnut Mountain Resort.


Camp MaKaJaWan and Philmont Trek


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