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News from MaKaJaWan

Sunday, 11 pm

First week Scouts have returned home and the troop has begun Week Two at MaKaJaWan.  Week One was fantastic (a full report will be in the August Troop Gazette).  Watch for details on Week Two as they become available. 


Friday, 11am

Yesterday was crazy busy. After lunch, Scouts were in all parts of camp racing to do merit badges and trailblazer. At 3p, a Raptor education group brought falcons, hawks, owls and more to the Dining Hall. We learned about these amazing animals and saw them up close. 

On Thurs evening the staff is off duty so the adult leaders cook out for the Scouts. Troop 96 headed up the effort and we fed more than 400 folks. Immediately after dinner was First Aid Round Robins: 10 stations for ten minutes each. Scouts were “refreshed” on treating burns, lacerations, broken bones, choking, CPR and more.  By the time we got back to our site,, it was too late for a campfire. 

Friday dawned grey and cool. There is a chance of showers all day. Who cares? We know how to manage a little rain!

Tonight is the big Order of the Arrow fire. Thirteen  of our older Scouts and adults will learned that they have been selected by their fellows for OA membership. Another seven or so will self-elect to seal their membership as Brotherhood members. Mr. Wehde and I will be tested for the Vigil Honor tonight. All in all, we have another terrific day at Camp MaKaJaWan. 

Thursday, 12 noon

Glorious weather. Everyone is so busy: merit badges, Trailblazer, special events like MaKaJa-risk and Scary Stories. Our troop got trounced in the war canoe race but we sang so loud that every boater and person on shore joined in!

It was cool last night but everyone was prepared. Should be our last cool night. Since everyone is getting up fast in the morning, Alex T, our SPL is letting them sleep in 15 more minutes. This may be a troop first!

gotta go. Maybe more later…

Wednesday, 11:00a

What a day!  Clear, cool, bright and DRY!  We’re at mid-week Wednesday and the troop is rockin’. Everyone is having a great time. So many stories, so much fun. Dinner last nite was breaded pork cutlet with mashed potatoes and gravy. All plates were licked clean!  Today our color guard (Nathan C, William D, Kevin G, Matthew S) raised the flags for the entire camp. It was awesome and they looked great.  More fun today (and the adults get a chicken dinner served by the staff tonight) while the Scouts eat in the dining hall. Where else can you have this much fun?!

Tuesday, 3:45

Another spectacular day.  Woke to clear and cool conditions. Every Scout was up and out on the first call from SPL Alex T!  I guess that means they can’t wait for the day to begin. Breakfast was hearty (oatmeal, cinnamon rolls and bacon). We saw another late AM shower before Taco Tuesday’s lunch. 

Last night we we had a troop campfire. Tonight it’s our turn to clean the showers.  Oh boy!  We’ll make it fun and we’ll enjoy the clean space for our showers.  

Monday, 11:15

The troop is doing fantastic!  The drive up was smooth and set up at camp easy. Swim checks were done Sunday afternoon. The lake water was brisk!

in the evening we finished setting up camp and had a quick troop meeting at 9p to share info and prep for Monday. 

Today we woke to clear skies at 6:30. Breakfast was at 8:15 (eggs, sausage, cereal and fruit).  Scouts were at Program Areas at 9. The adventure has begun!  Everyone is doing great and having fun

Photos are at

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