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Camperships are available…

What is a Campership?

Camping and other outdoor activities are an essential part of Scouting.  The outdoor program is one of the most recognized methods of scouting.  Indeed, it is easiest to enjoy the full benefits of the Scouting program by attending events like Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan summer camp, Jamboree and Philmont.

Every Scout deserves a week at summer camp, and no Scout should miss camp because of a lack of funds.  We feel so strongly about the outdoor program that Troop 96 has put a process in place to reduce the chance that a scout will be denied a camp experience due to financial constraints.  We call this our Campership Fund to assist our Scouting families. 


The intent of the Campership Fund is to provide a portion of the camping fees for significant outdoor events in order to reduce the financial burden.  The Campership is available to cover up to half of the cost of camp fees, based on need and situation.

In order to discuss the opportunity for a Campership or any further information, please contact Pat Klemens, Scoutmaster or Jane Bryant, Committee Chairman.  All requests for aid will be treated in a confidential manner.  (Note: the deadline for 2014 Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan summer camp requests is May5, 2014.) In addition to the Troop 96 Campership, the Northeast Illinois Council and other BSA organizations have Campership programs that may also assist.  These are difficult topics, but the Troop is interested in as many scouts as possible getting the most out of these great programs.

We sincerely hope to see every Boy Scout participate in the great outdoor programs available through Boy Scouts.

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