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Take the Challenge – Help the Victims – UPDATE 6-5-13

Scouts, we learned that an enormous tornado system hit the area near Oklahoma City – not once but twice just a week apart.  These incredibly powerful storms wiped out entire communities. 

The scope of the disaster is massive. Reports are that a several dozen people are dead.  Based on the photos of complete devastation, we must expect the suffering and recovery to take a long time.

Now is the time to act.  At the May Court of Honor, I challenged you to make a difference and help the victims.  I asked you to take just $1.00 out of your pocket and turn it into more money.  I’d like you to donate the money you earn to the American Red Cross to help the victims.

Two Scouts shared their stories with me this week.  David H is donating some of his earnings from being a caddy to the help out.  Alex K is working in his neighborhood to make money and help the victims.  Thanks, guys!  That’s fantastic!  Tell me your story so I can share it…

Here are some ideas:

1. Take a dollar, buy some gas, and cut your neighbors grass.  Tell them that whatever they will pay you will be donated to help.

2. Make a flyer to advertise some jobs you could do (shine shoes, sweep sidewalks & driveways, rake the yard, walk a dog, etc).  Take a dollar to make some copies of your flyer to pass around your neighborhood.  Anything you are paid can go to help the victims.

3. Take a dollar and buy some postage stamps.  Write a letter to your favorite relatives and ask them if they would help you with a small donation to the Red Cross.

4. Take a dollar and buy some pens or small items at the store.  Sell the items for a profit and send the money to the Red Cross.

Do it now.  People are hurting.  You can help.

Tell me what you are doing and we will share it to help inspire more ideas.

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