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Scoutmasters Minute

Welcome to the Scoutmaster’s Minute Podcast Page!
Here’s a collection of Scoutmaster’s Minutes shared with the troop over the last few years. You can click the Play button to listen or right-clcik to download.
Thanks for listening!  Comments, suggestions or ideas are always welcomed.   Please send a note to

Episode #16: Don’t take your reputation for Grant-ed

Listen: {loadposition SMminuteMAY11}

Right Click to Save:  Don’t Take Your Reputation for Grant-ed

Episode #15: This is Good!  (2 min and 45 sec)

Listen: {loadposition SMminuteMARCH11}

Right Click to Save: This is Good

Episode #14: Keep on going  (2 min and 30 sec)

Listen: {loadposition SMminuteJAN11}

Right-Click to Save: Keep on Going

Episode #13: No Bullies, No Bullying in Scouting (2 min and 20 sec)

Listen: {loadposition SMminuteAPRIL10}

Right Click to Save: No Bullies, No Bullying

Episode #12: We Need Your Brains and Muscles (3 min and 57 sec)

Listen: {loadposition SMminute30JAN10}

Right Click to Save: We Need You

Episode #11: A lesson from a Nail and Hammer  (3 min and 25 sec)

Listen: {loadposition SMminute31DEC09}

Right Click to Save: A Lesson from a Nail and Hammer

Episode #10: Leave No Trace everyday  (1 min 48 sec)

Listen: {loadposition SMminute08NOV09}

Right Click to Save: Leave No Trace Everyday

Episode #9: Learning from an accident (2 min 52 sec)

Listen:  {loadposition SMminute24SEPT09}

Right-click to Save: Learning from an Accident

 Episode #8: The power of a surprising little three-letter word (1 min 48 sec)

Listen: {loadposition SMminute27JUNE09}

Right Click to Save: SM Minute-27June09

Episode #7:  Learning from the postage stamp

Listen: {loadposition SMminute30MARCH09}

Right Click to Save: Learning from a Stamp

 Episode #6: Demonstrating Loyalty

Listen: {loadposition SMminute31JULY08}

Right Click to Save: Demonstrating Loyalty

 Episode #5: Lessons from a Crab

Listen: {loadposition SMminute19JULY08}

Right Click to Save: Lessons from a Crab

Episode #4: Honest Abe’s Simple Advice

Listen: {loadposition SMminute21June08}

Right Click to Save:  Honest Abe’s Simple Advice

Episode #3: Bravery

Listen: {loadposition SMminute09June08}

Right Click to Save: Bravery

Episode #2: Memorial Day and respect

Listen: {loadposition SMminute02June08}

Right Click to Save: Memorial Day and Respect

Episode #1: Yagottawanna

Listen: {loadposition SMminute18MAY08}

Right Click to Save: Yagottawanna The power of the mountain man can be yours, too.

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