The Merit Badge Process - Revealed!

Ever wonder how to get a Merit Badge?  Depending on your time in Scouting, it may seem simple or complicated.  Basically, the steps are as straightforward as:

The Scout finds a Merit Badge he'd like to explore,

The Scout requests a counselor from the Advancement Chair (Mrs. Goger) to help him earn the badge,

The Scout obtains a Blue Cards and fills in the required information,

The Scout obtains the Scoutmaster's signature prior to beginning work,

The Scout completes the requirements and the Counselor approves,

The Scout submits the Blue Card to the Scoutmaster for approval,

The Scout submits the completed Blue Card to the Advancement Chair for recording and processing of the award,

The Scout is recognized with the Merit Badge patch as soon as possible,

The Scout is formally recognized at the Troop Court of Honor.

If you'd like to learn more, click on the attached document:  The Merit Badge Process - Revealed