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Get Your Patrol Ready for Klondike Derby!

Nolan B, your Troop Webmaster, sends this reminder to all patrols:

A prepared Patrol would have in their possession:

• A sled with a harness or pulling position for each patrol member (except musher)

• A wagon may be substituted, if no snow

• A brake or brake rope for the musher

• Ropes, straps or bungee cords to secure sled load

• Patrol Flag

• Two ropes, 25’ or longer and two ropes, 6’ or longer

• Tarp to cover load and for lunch seating

• One or more compasses

• First aid kit, with additional triangular bandages, splints, etc for demonstrating first aid

• Two staves (like a closet pole, about 6″ long)

• Blanket (or something resembling a blanket, like a tarp)

• Garbage bag

• Tinder, Kindling and Fuel for building a cooking fire 

• Frying pan and pancake batter (premixed – amount adequate to make several pancakes)

• Hot pad or mitt

• Small shovel

• Lunch meal & beverage for each patrol member

o Should include one (or more) hot item which is not a beverage (hot water will be provided at the pavilion)

o Should be prepared and eaten as a patrol

• Propane or other approved backpacking stove on which to prepare meal (if required)

• Cooking pot or pan for lunch meal preparation (if required for meal prep)

• Suitable sealable container for retrieving and transporting hot water from staff as needed for meal prep

Click READ MORE (below) to learn see what else the Patrol should be ready to do..

* Use a compass

• Be able to pace a consistent step

• Ensure their sled will hold a patrol member

• Be able to demonstrate first aid for common winter accidents

• Be able to work together as a team under a single leader’s direction

• Build and light a fire using no lighters, accelerants, or fire starters

• Cook a simple item over an open fire they have built

• Be able to pull their sled and its contents

• Be able to follow directions


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