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Get ready for camp

Here are some last minute Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan reminders:

1.    The troop will gather at the east end of the StG parking lot on Sunday morning at 7 AM.

2.    Have a lunch packed for the trip to camp.  We’ll stop and eat in Marion, Wisconsin. (Be sure to put your name on it.)

3.    The money you are bringing to camp should be in an unsealed envelope with your name and amount on the front.  Our “banker Mr. Symonds” will count the money with you and place the money in the bank for safekeeping.  Don’t forget to bring small denomination bills for use at camp.

 4.    If you need to take medicine while at camp, your medicine must be in the original container as received from the pharmacy and placed into a zip-lock plastic bag.  The bag must also have your name on it.  Ideally, you should only bring the medicine you need for the time in camp (don’t bring a full bottle).

 5.    Be sure to either wear your swimsuit or pack it on the top of everything else so you can quickly get to it.  We will go for swim checks shortly after arriving at camp.

 6.    Don’t forget to wear your uniform and bring your sleeping bag.  (Yes, they have both been forgotten!)

 7.    Pack using the checklist on the website.  You can get a copy here.

 8.    Put your name on everything!

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