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Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Packing List – updated

MAKAJAWAN Packing List

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1. Any medication—these should be stored in the original prescription bottle with complete and accurate descriptions of directions.

2. Scout uniform (2 if available): Scout shirt with neckerchief & slide or troop bolo tie. Summer uniform of Scout shorts would be ideal. (Note: The PLC voted to require neckerchiefs/slides or bolo ties for breakfast and dinner.)

3. Scouting-related T-shirts are good for daytime activities.

4. Sweater, Sweatshirt and/or jacket

5. Jeans and shorts

6. At least five pairs of socks. (Ideally, include some Scout socks for use with summer uniform.)

7. Towels (2) and washcloth

8. At least five changes of underwear

9. Swimming trunks

10. Pajamas
or sleep clothes

11. Sleeping bag

12. Ground cloth

13. Poncho or raincoat – A must!

14. Extra pair or two of shoes (for wet weather): A must!

15. Knapsack or duffel bag

16. Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and comb (in a tote)

17. Flashlight with extra batteries

18. Scout Handbook, pencil, pen, and paper (use pre-addressed, stamped envelopes/cards if you expect letters!)

19. Mosquito netting. A must for all campers!

20. Mosquito repellent (no aerosol cans) – A must!

21. Sunscreen – important

23. Water Bottles (At least one, but two are preferable.)

24. Spending money (not more than $25 is recommended)
Place in an unsealed envelope.  Write your name and the amount on the front.  Bring only small bills.  The troop “banker” will keep your money till you need it.

25. About 30 feet of clothesline – can be shared.

26. Go back and put your name on everything! – A must


1. Camera
(remember, the woods are tough on items like these)

2. Compass

3. Folding pocket knife (Sheath knives not allowed)

4. Fishing Poles, bait, and tackle (Lots of Northern Pike and panfish, some Bass in Lake Killian)

Scouts may not bring certain electronics, including MP3 players, iPods, tablets and electronic games. Cell Phones are impractical and completely unnecessary: there is no signal (usually), no power charging and no reason to use it when you’re in the North Woods.  Further, the conditions in the woods are tough on cell phones.  You may have a brick in just a day or two.  Troop Policy says smart phone use is OK when used as a tool, but not when used as a toy.  Keep this in mind when packing.  Scouts who carry a smartphone must have a valid Troop 96 TechnoChip card.  Use of the device is limited by the terms of the Troop Policy.  The phone must be surrendered to a Troop 96 registered adult if its use violates the Scout Law.

Also prohibited are fireworks, sheath knives, bicycles and pets. If you are unsure whether something is appropriate to take to camp, please ask. Please note Scouts do lose items and the outdoors can be rough on things meant to be inside—items of sentimental value and high-cost (electronic) items are not recommended for camp use.

Scouts return from NYLT

Four Scouts from Troop 96 recently completed a week of leadership training at the Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation.  Kevin G, Ethan B, Zack L and Ryan M represented our troop at the National Youth Leadership Training course this year.  The NYLT course centers around the concepts of what a leader must BE, what he must KNOW, and what he must DO. The key elements are then taught with a clear focus on HOW TO. The skills come alive during the week as the patrol goes on a Quest for the Meaning of Leadership.

When you see these Scouts, please thank them for attending a week of training and ask them about their Vision.

Patrol Leader Council Meetings

Senior Patrol Leader Kevin G would like to remind everyone that our next two PLC meetings will be held this coming Tuesday, June 28 and in July on the 26th.  Both meetings will be held at the Symonds Funeral Home, 111 W. Belvidere Road (Rt120) in GL beginning at 7 PM.

All Scouts with a troop position are expected to attend.

Nick G’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor this Saturday

Join your fellow Scouts and troop adults for the celebration of Nick G’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor this Saturday, June 25.  The ceremony begins at 2:30 pm at the State Bank of the Lakes near the southeast corner of Center and Atkinson in Grayslake.  There will be a reception after the program.  Celebrate with Nick and get yourself inspired to complete your personal journey to Eagle.

Pass the word…another Troop 96 Eagle




The North Star District Eagle Scout Board of Review met at the Warren-Newport Library in Gurnee on June 16 to consider Zach L’s credentials for the rank of Eagle Scout.  After reviewing his documentation, and conducting detailed interviews, the Board’s unanimous decision was announced.  Zack L is now an Eagle Scout!  He becomes #70 in Troop 96.

Well done, Zack!  We look forward to celebrating with you at your Eagle Scout Court of Honor!


Let’s go camping next weekend!

If you plan to camp this weekend, be sure to bring your permission slip and food money to Monday’s meeting. We’ll decide at the meeting if this campout is a ‘go’ once we see the total participation. As of Sunday evening, we only have 4-5 Scouts who have expressed an interest in camping. We have a few more interested in only going to the horsemanship activity on Saturday. If you want to go to the horse stables to learn and ride horses, be sure to bring your waiver form (also in the website) and $40 to cover the stable’s fees. Those who responded to my email suggested that there are a lot of family plans next weekend!

Again, we’ll decide on our plans during the meeting once we know the Scouts’ and adults’ commitment. If you’re a parent who has ever wondered about joining us on a campout, this would be the perfect one to try. We need you. 

June 2016 Camping and Horsemanship

This weekend, we head to Chain O’ Lakes State Park near Spring Grove, IL for a weekend campout that includes horsemanship on Saturday.  Scouts will spend four hours working with horses at Heavenly Horses ranch near Lindenhurst and may be able to complete Horsemanship merit badge in the process. The Horsemanship activity is at Heaven Horses, 19203 W. Grass Lake Road in Lake Villa.  The activity is planned for 2p to 6p.

Note: Fees are $40 for horsemanship.

Download both the Permission Slip and the required parental Waiver Form and bring to the stables if you are only planning to go for the Horsemanship activity.

Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan 2016 Permission Slip

The troop will be making its annual pilgrimage to beautiful Camp Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan in July.  All Scouts attending any portion of the time at camp will need a permission slip.

Please download the slip and bring it to any troop meeting through June 27.

Troop 96 Serves on Memorial Day Weekend

Avon 2016(Photo: J. Judge)

Troop 96 placed US flags on the graves of more than 500 veterans on Saturday, May 28 at three Grayslake cemeteries.  This marks nearly 30 years of honoring those who gave so much to protect and defend our way of life.  Thank you, Scouts!  You made a difference!

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