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May 2016 Campout

This month, the PLC’s plans calls for the troop to head to our own Camp Crown for the weekend.  On Saturday, we’ll head to the Bristol Shooting Range for rifle target shooting.  The Conservation Club of Kenosha operates the range and is very good with our Scouts.  There is an extra fee of $20 to cover ammunition costs for each Scout that wants to shoot.  Scouts who do not want to participate in shooting sports will have other options to be determined.

This month’s permission slip, $15 cash for food and $20 cash for ammunition (If applicable) are due on May 16 – no exceptions.                

Grab the permission slip here.  Please add your phone number and your cellular carrier (e.g., ATT, Verizon, etc) to receive an out

Maquoketa Caves – April 2016

This month, we are camping at Mississippi Palisades State Park and will travel on Saturday about one hour to Maquoketa, Iowa to visit the state park of the same name.  We’ll spend the day hiking and exploring the park.  The caving we will do in not at all technical but we will get dirty.  Scouts should bring a separate change of clothes in a garbage bag.  After exploring, we’ll change clothes and dump the dirt clothes into the garbage bag for the trip home.

Here’s how the Iowa Department of Natural Resources describes the state park:

Maquoketa Caves is probably Iowa’s most unique state park. Its caves, limestone formations and rugged bluffs provide visitors a chance to “step back” into geological time thousands of years. Caves vary from the 1,100′ Dancehall Cave with walkways and lighting system to Dugout Cave. The remaining caves are all different sizes and shapes. Some can be explored by walking while others can best be seen by crawling. In any case, a flashlight and old clothes and shoes are most helpful.

The park contains more caves than any other state park in Iowa. A beautiful trail system links the caves, formations, and overlooks while providing an exciting hiking experience. Many areas on these trails have seen new construction, making the journey to the caves safer and easier. Trail highlights include the dramatic “Natural Bridge” which stands nearly 50 feet above Raccoon Creek, and the 17-ton “Balanced Rock”.

You can get the PERMISSION SLIP here.  It is due on the April 11 troop meeting.


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