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Troop 96 at MaKaJaWan in Winter with Photos

Monday, 10:30 AM Update: The troop is heading home.  Everyone is in great spirits, warm, fed and very excited to share their adventure with the rest of the troop at tonight’s meeting.  They estimate their arrival to GL about 2:30 to 3:00 PM.

Sunday, 5PM Update:  Scouts and adults are thriving at MaKaJaWan!  They’ve kept themselves warm and all are in good spirits!  They’ve done more hiking and you can see the entire group on the lake and at the new climbing tower, below.

Sunday, 11 AM Update: Scouts and adults made the trip to MaKaJaWan on Saturday, Jan 16 during the coldest outbreak of the winter yet.  While we were cold in Grayslake with Saturday’s overnight temperature of -3, it was really cold at MaKaJaWan with just -14 degrees!

Although the cabins were heated, you might say the heat wasn’t too effective.  Overnight, the temperatures in the cabins didn’t get above 20 degrees!

With all this, you’d think it must be pretty miserable – and you’d be wrong.  They have been sending regular reports of their activities: a hike to the OA Bowl, going out to our summer site at Iroquois, hiking across the lake, even making an ice rink to play hockey on the lake.

Check out the pictures, below…



Iroquois in Winter

Lake Killian

Lake Killian




Mr. Nitto Relaxing


Hockey on Lake Killian



 On Lake Killian

On Lake Killian, January 17, 2016

Climbing tower in winter

In front of the new Climbing Tower


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