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Camping – May 2015

We are heading back to ride one of the premier Rails-to-Trails in the United States.  We will ride a portion of the 32-mile long Elroy-Sparta Trail in western Wisconsin.  We will camp at the BSA’s Ed Bryant Scout Reservation near Mauston, WI.

Scouts must have their bikes and helmets inspected prior to the outing at any troop meeting.  Bikes must pass this safety inspection.  Scouts will be required to carry a flashlight or a handlebar light to safety enjoy the old railroad tunnels.

You can grab the permission slip HERE.  Remember the permission slip and $15 cash is due at the May 11 troop meeting.


Camp Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan 2015

Summer Camp at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan is fast approaching and with it comes everything needed to ensure a smooth experience.

Summer camp at Northeast Illinois Council’s little slice of heaven called Camp Makajawan is fast approaching.  One month from now Troop 96 will be getting into vehicles and making the trek North to begin the grand adventure.  There have been lots of preparations.  We are past the registration, payments, and special dietary needs.  Here are the last things to focus on now…

There will be a meeting Tues 6/16 7-9 PM (At Committee Chariman Jane Bryant-Klett’s house) for all adults that will be attending Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan.
Adults be sure that your YPT, registration, and if you are driving, auto insurance information is up-to-date and turned in to the appropriate people.

The BSA Annual Health and Medical forms – click for link to Parts A, B, and C of the form (Part C is the one that needs a signature from your doctor) need to be completed and turned in by June 1.  Experienced scouts may have an old form on file but it must have an expiration date after the close of summer camp (7/12) – Forms are good for 1 year from date of physician signature – the forms used for Philmont or NOAC are acceptable for use at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan.  The Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan committee needs these forms this far in advance of camp due to the volume of cross checking and copies that need to be made to create binders that stay in various locations at camp.

Advancement – be sure that you are signed-up for the programs and merit badges that you will be working on.  First year scouts should be focused on Trailblazer.  Review and complete prerequisites and start reading merit badge books.  Please don’t sign up for Cooking, Camping or First Aid at camp.  You will find we do a better job on those here in Lake County.  Do sign up for the Waterfront Merit Badges – they do a better job “up there.”

Check to be sure that you signed up for a troop t-shirt.  There will probably be some extras but do you want to leave it to chance?

Start reviewing the equipment list on the Troop 96 website to eliminate last minute runs to the store

Download the permission slip and turn it in to have one less thing to do at the end.  It’s due no later than June 22.

There will be a special session at the June 22 troop meeting to cover items to pack.

 We will depart from the StG Parking lot on Sunday, July 5.  Scouts should be in the parking lot no later than 7 AM with all their gear plus a sack lunch and drink.  We will collect spending money (money should be in an envelope with the Scout’s name and the amount).  Medications will also be collected before we leave.  Scouts should be in uniform for the travel to camp.

The list is getting shorter – we are almost there – and then the FUN begins!!


Order a Personal Name Tag for your Uniform


We are offering one more chance this spring to order a personalized name tag for your uniform.  Your name tag will have your first and last name (no nicknames please) and the second row will show Troop 96.  Each name tag is just $5.  The last night to order is May 4.  There is a sign up sheet at the troop meeting.  (Note: Members of the Order of the Arrow can have the OA logo on their name tag if desired.)

Troop Cookbook – Get It While It’s Hot!

The Troop’s (massive) Cookbook, all 411 pages, is available for download.  You can print it (yikes, and wipe out a few trees) or save it to your computer or smartphone or tablet.  The PLC decided that all meals prepared at the April Campout must be made using the Cookbook.  At this Monday’s Troop Meeting, please come ready with some meals you’d like to try or even your old favorites.


Meeting Plans: April 2015

PLC Notes 3/31/15 (Submitted by Kevin G)

Dates to know:

  • April 11-Troop Leadership Training (?)  Need responses from PLC Members
  • April 11-Swim Night (3-5 PM at Hastings Lake Forest Preserve)

Upcoming Events

  • T-shirt Design and Bolo Tie: entries due this month; top three selected at next PLC; winner voted on by troop on May 4; orders taken in May.

April Campout

  • Two groups – Horseback Riding/Not riding
  • Not riding – Team building games
  • After riding- Game, if time allows
  • Dinner 5:00; use recipe from troop cookbook

Troop Meetings

April 6 – Multiple skill sessions

  • Troop Cookbook – Spencer B., Matthew S.
  • Meeting Etiquette-Josh B., Hunter M., Mr. McDowell
  • Horsemanship-Ethan B., Nathan C.
  • Game-Flag folding

April 13-Campout Prep from cookbook

  • Navigation/Orientation- Philmont Crew, Headed by Spencer B.

April 20-Basic and Advanced First Aid

  • Basic-David P., Michael W.
  • Advanced-Spencer B.
  • OR Bike Mechanic Expert

April 27-Bike Mechanic Expert OR Bike Rodeo-Kevin G.

May 4– Spring Court of Honor

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