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An amazing Court of Honor

Last night (August 25), we recognized our Scouts many accomplishments over the summer months.  In a completely packed and somewhat steamy Chapel Hall, our emcees, Jacob S and Charlie A, presented hundreds of awards in dozens of categories.  Jacob and Charlie wrote up great rank advancement ceremonies and recruited Scouts to read them as the ranks were presented.  From Scout to Eagle Palms, we had them all!  In addition, we saw another 114 Merit Badges presented, too.  We also recognized Trailblazer, Scuba, Snorkeling, Airfest, Kumbaya, National Outdoor, Baden-Powell and more!  Whew!  What a night.

After the ceremonies, we enjoyed a huge buffet of snacks including cookies, Bavarian pretzels and ice cream.

While the night was certainly impressive, behind the scenes may even be more remarkable.  Mrs. Sherry Judge, our fantastic Advancement Chair, orchestrated each card, pin and patch as well as every single computer entry to keep it all on file as our Scouts progress through the ranks.  Many, many hours are required to make one Court of Honor a success.  Well done! When you see Mrs. Judge, please be sure to thank her. 

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