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Mr. Kevin Wehde to receive the Silver Beaver Award

The Council Silver Beaver Committee met to select those people who have had significant impact on Scouting in our Council.  Kevin Wehde was selected as one of six recipients to receive the Council’s highest award.  Mr. Wehde will will be presented with this much-deserved award at the annual Council Dinner in early 2014.  More details soon.  Please use the comments feature to offer your congratulations.

Boy Scouts can do this…

A recent TIME magazine article suggested there are good reasons why new college graduates can’t get jobs. Recent surveys find that employers “want candidates who are team players, problem solvers and can plan, organize and prioritize their work. Technical and computer-related know-how placed much further down the list.”

One survey said “44% of respondents cited soft skills, such as communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, as the area with the biggest gap.” Only half as many say a lack of technical skills is the pain point.

As much as some folks go on about the lack of math and science skills, bosses are more concerned with organizational and interpersonal proficiency. Specifically, companies say candidates are lacking in motivation, interpersonal skills, appearance, punctuality and flexibility.

As a member of Boy Scout Troop 96, you practice these skills in your patrol during every campout.  Congratulations!  You are likely the kind of person that employers are trying to hire.

One of our Scouts is in the hospital

MONDAY (1/6/14): Joey is home and doing well. We saw him yesterday at Ethan’s Court of Honor and he’s looking good!  His dad shared a photo of Joey when he was in the hospital last week.  Joey appreciates the cards and notes from the troop, too.  It’s looking like he will have his next round of chemo about Jan 20 or so.

joey 1-14


SUNDAY (12/29): Joey is completing his second round of chemo today at Lutheran General.  He hopes to be home in time to celebrate New Years Eve.  He’s doing well despite the intensity of the treatments.  He’ll have about three weeks until his next round of chemo.  Stay Strong, Joey!  We’re with you all the way…

THURDAY (12/5): Joey has completed his first chemo treatment.  He’s feeling pretty good.  In fact, he said he wanted to go on a hike!  That’s the spirit.  Hang in there, Joey.

MONDAY (12/2): Joey began chemotherapy this evening, probably about the same time as the troop meeting.  Joey will be in for three days, then out for about three weeks.  He’ll go back for another chemo treatment around Christmas that will take five days of hospitalization.  He will continue at three week intervals and alternate 3-day and 5-day hospitalizations.

SATURDAY (11/23): Joey got word from his doctors that he has a germ cell tumor.  While this is not the news anyone wanted, it is very treatable.  The treatment regimen is tough, but Joey is up for it.  He will undergo 18 weeks of chemotherapy followed by about a month of radiation.  He will need our support and prayers.  The good news is that the doctors say that chemotherapy and radiation are very effective against this type of tumor.  His chemo will begin after Thanksgiving.  Let’s stay positive and help him through it!

SUNDAY (11/17): Joey got out on Saturday and is home now.  He’s feeling a lot better.  Keep him in your prayers until he’s in the clear.

FRIDAY (11/15) PM Update:  Joey is out of ICU and in a regular room.  He might come home later today or Saturday depending on how he feels.  They are awaiting the results of the biopsy.  Please keep him in your prayers and positive thoughts.

THURSDAY (11/14): Joey C is at Lutheran General Hospital.  Mr. C has asked me to post this on our site:  Joey is being treated for a tumor or mass found on his brain.  They are awaiting test results, but they were able to relieve the pressure that has been giving him bad headaches.  A prayer (or two) would be most appreciated.

Making a Difference

Last week, Scouts from Troop 96 helped at two Service Projects.  As we have for the past several years, the Troop works during winter months at PADS to help provide shelter for those without.  On Thursday evening, thirteen Scouts plus nine adults and one helpful sister made a difference while working at the United Protestant Church in downtown GL. 


Troop Leadership Training Complete

A whopping 17 Scouts attended Troop Leadership Training held on Sunday, November 3.  Your troop leaders spent the first evening in Standard Time working on a variety of topics to make the troop stronger.  Through lecture and exercise, the Scouts reviewed the Stages of Group Dynamics, the basics of good planning, the application of the EDGE Method of training and just a hint of Leave No Trace principles.  Although the weather was getting cold as the sun set, we did well in our outdoor classroom out by the gear shed.  Thanks to all who participated and giving your time to improve the troop.  See who was there… (read more)


Upcoming Meetings (Nov 4 – Dec 2)

Upcoming Meetings:

November Theme: Camping Skills

November 4
Webelos Skill Session by Nathan C. and David H.
Skill Sessions: Cold Weather Camping II by Rahil V. and Zack L., Knots by Nick G. & Joey C.
Game: Trash Timeline by Kyle J.

November 11
Skill Session: Firebuilding by Alex T. and Rahil V.
Game: Name that Merit Badge by Nick B.

November 18:
Skill Sessions: Iceboats: Introduction by Mr. K., Conservation Awards by Mr. C.
Game: Thimble Finding by Nick B.

November 25:
Skill Session: Iceboats: Building
Game: Limbo by Zack L. and Nathan C.

December 2
Skill Session: Iceboats: Building II
Game: Um Game by Kyle J. and Nick B.

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