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Scout Accounts in Troop 96

Scout Accounts in Troop 96

Troop 96 encourages all Scouts to ‘Earn their Way’ in Scouting by participating in Troop 96 fundraising activities. The purpose of this guideline is to promote Scout participation in fundraising activities and to provide a means to help defray the costs for participating in the Troop 96 Scouting program.  By participating in fundraising activities, a Scout shows his Scout Spirit and demonstrates the Ninth Point of the Scout Law: A Scout is Thrifty.


Scout Accounts are for registered Scouts of Troop 96 to help pay for Scout-related expenses. These accounts are not true bank accounts with a bank, but are entries (per Scout) in an accounting spreadsheet. No interest is earned on these accounts. The money is in a Troop 96 bank account and is held in the account on behalf of the individual Scout.


Scouts can have money deposited into their Scout account, typically in three ways:

1)    Money is transferred from another Scout Unit to Troop 96.  For example, a Scout crossing-over from a Pack may arrange for his Pack to transfer funds to his account.  Troop 96 does not request these monies on behalf of the Scout.

2)    A Scout can have money deposited in his account based on his sales in various troop fundraisers, including Popcorn sales, Christmas Wreath sales and Spaghetti Dinner ticket sales.

3)    A Scout or his parents may choose to add money to his account directly through a payment to Troop 96.


1)    BSA, NEIC and Troop 96 fees may be paid from these accounts. Troop 96 will typically pay the organization directly, not the scout. Examples of these fees are: re-charter, camporees, gear auction purchases, campouts, summer camp fees, Order of the Arrow dues and event fees, high adventure trip fees (Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, and the National Jamboree).

2)    The following are examples of approved items for reimbursement:

a)   purchases from the NEIC Scout Shop and other BSA stores,

b)   purchases from the BSA “” website,

c)   purchases for gear needed for scout campouts or events. (i.e., gear for camping, backpacking, biking, fishing & water trips),

d)   payment for an annual Scout physical,

e)   purchases for athletic equipment used to be “physically fit,”

f)     purchases of books and other media used to be “mentally awake.”

3)    Requests for reimbursements must be accompanied by an itemized receipt, be approved by the Scoutmaster, and requested within sixty days of purchase.  Receipt is not required when the receipt would be issued by the Troop (e.g., summer camp fees, gear auction, etc).

4)    Money will not be paid to the Scout without a receipt for these items.

5)    Requests for reimbursement for items not mentioned above may be submitted to the Troop Committee for a decision as to whether or not reimbursement will be allowed. If it is allowed, a receipt will be required for reimbursement.

Termination of Membership

If an individual does not re-register with our unit or ages out of scouting, funds remaining in his Scout Account can be paid to the Scout by troop check.  It is the practice of the troop to request that the remaining funds be considered a donation; however, it is the Scout or parent’s choice.  If no decision is received within three months from the Scout/parent, the funds will be transferred to the troop general fund.


Requests for Scout Account balance by a Scout or his parents should be directed to the Troop Treasurer.

The Troop cannot make payments to Scouts unless it is a reimbursement for a Scout-related item as described above.

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